Data-Driven Ad Creativity: The Secret to Explosive Growth

Transforming Ecommerce and CPG Brands with Cutting-Edge META and Google Ad Strategies

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Extraordinary Results from Unconventional Ad Strategies

With $425M+ in revenue generated and $107M+ in ad spend managed across diverse industries, we know how to craft bespoke paid ad campaigns that convert like clockwork. Gently delivered tangible results, propelling our clients to financial success.

Paid Ads You Are Used To

  • Micromanage all the time
  • Retainers unrelated to performance
  • Focused on ROAS instead profitability
  • 100%+ uplift in click-through rates from our data-driven ad creative
  • 20% lower cost per click than industry averages
  • Tailored strategies backed by $425M+ in revenue generated
  • Lean, senior-level team = more strategy, less overhead

Data-Driven Ads That Convert

Our approach goes beyond the conventional to ensure your campaigns resonate and drive results consistently.

Case Study - Ecommerce

We took this ecommerce brand from $24.9M in revenue to $41.6M in just 1 year.

This brand had a strong handle on their business fundamentals, but they were missing out with subpar offers and digital execution.

The following year, this brand cut their advertising budget by 66% and was still able to grow because of our work.

That’s the power of a real digital flywheel.

Case Study

We took this brand from ~$50k/week to ~$100k+/week in just 3 weeks. We used offers, iterative video testing, and iterative copy testing methodology to do this.

Founders Propelling Paid Ads Dominance

  • Combined expertise generating over $90M+ in revenue for ecommerce brands, tech startups, and publishers
  • Victor's creative prowess as a META ads expert and sales copywriting phenom
  • Andrew's visionary cross-disciplinary skills blending ad mastery, sales leadership, and growth hacking
  • Uplifted over 20+ brands through cutting-edge direct response strategies and irresistible offers

Andrew DiLullo

CEO, Founder
AdCrunch Digital
Advertising Expert

Victor Vo

Victor Vo
CCO, Co-Founder,
AdCrunch Digital
META Ads Expert