Howdy From Austin, Texas!

I’m Andrew DiLullo, and I transform fledgling digital marketing programs into multimillion-dollar powerhouses.

If truly loving marketing, sales, and e-commerce is wrong, I don’t want to be right. I love the thrill of the hunt — whether that’s finding the right audience for the right product or coming up with inventive solutions to complex problems.

My Top Case Study:
At BELLAMI Hair, I built a digital marketing program from the ground up, which became instrumental in the company's acquisition by BeautyIndustryGroup, the industry’s most prominent holding company. Leading a team of five marketers, I was the driving force behind every facet of the marketing program. From orchestrating ad campaigns and curating creative content to spearheading the affiliate & influencer program, I was at the helm and supported by a team of talent I curated. My leadership and strategic decisions led to managing ad spends ranging from $150k-$450k per month.

Those changes drove a revenue increase of 42% and boosted sales by $12.5MM in just one year. Now, I'm eager to bring that same transformative energy to your company as your part time CGO (Chief Growth Officer).

I work with an array of experts to get your...

Messaging right
Ads scaled and cranking (Facebook, Google, TikTok)
Email & SMS revenue through the roof!
Website conversion rate UP
USP & offers desirable

If you're struggling to grow more than 15%-20% a year hit "Messaging Test" below to get in touch.